Jama Mohammed a videographer and loving father of three has been an intricate part in all things Lift with Purpose since the very beginning in 2014. Jama's six-year-old son Asher has Cerebral Palsy so the mission of Lift with Purpose hits close to home. Jama starting helping Lift with Purpose by shooting videos for fundraising events we have held in the past. Unknowingly, he began capturing more than just charity event promotions, but all aspects of planning and operation.


In December 2015 Lift With Purpose began planning a world record attempt as a part of a fundraising event. Heaviest Vehicle Pulled by Wheelchair 100 meters. Jama had the foresight to capture this journey on video and developed an amazing short film titled "The Big Pull"   Jama you are an amazing individual without you Lift with Purpose would not be in existence today. This film is truly something to be proud of.