Tony Davenport Next Step Atlanta-

Atlanta, Georgia

P:  (678)-580-1404


Tony Davenport is an Active recovery specialist at Next Step Fitness Atlanta. We first met Tony back in 2015 when an LWP client was receiving treatment at Next Step Atlanta. Tony is both knowledgable and dedicated. He applies an athlete like mindset to spinal cord recovery. Most of all he never stops learning and bettering himself so that he may better serve his clients.

Now I Can-

Provo, Utah

P: (801) 228-1935


Now I Can is an intensive physical therapy clinic that specializes in treating children with birth defects like Cerebral Palsy and many other neurological conditions. Each client that comes to Now I Can is truly treated like family. The one to three-week intensive physical therapy structure is far from traditional, but the results the families that come to Now I can see in their children at the end of a treatment session are undeniable.

Project Walk Denver-

Sheridan, Colorado

P: (303) 731-0062


Faith and the team at Project Walk Denver are some of the most kind-hearted and passion-driven people we have met.  They specialize in treating people with spinal cord injuries. Jake Hill, a member of the lift with Purpose family who has received treatment from Project Walk Denver. There are some truly great people at Project Walk.

Special Kids-

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

P: (615)-809-2632


Special Kids is a nonprofit physical therapy clinic and special needs nursery. It is truly a sanctuary for children with disabilities. The staff at Special Kids staff works tirelessly to make sure their patient families get the care they need regardless of financial means. Everyone at Special Kids truly lives to serve.

Jarrod Houston Title Boxing

Nashville, Tennessee

P: (615)-942-5919


Jarrod Houston is an elite level trainer. His faith in God, training mentality and dedication to his clients has led to work with all walks of life from world champion athletes, musicians, and just your average Nashville resident. Jarrod works closely with LWP founder, Alexander Nicely together they #BeatCerebralPalsy. Jarrod is the true asset to the Lift with Purpose family, has donated countless hours of service to the organization, and is the only trainer we endorse in Nashville.

Disabled Athletes Sports Association

St, Charles Missouri

P: (636)-477-0716


The Disabled Athletes Sports Association (DASA) is an adaptive training facility. The team at DASA have experience working athletes with all kinds of disabilities from traumatic brain injuries to spinal cord injuries and birth defects. The incredible trainers at DASA are well versed in getting the best out of every one of there clients.

Since 2014 Lift with Purpose has had the privilege of working with and sending our clients to some of the most talented physical therapists and fitness professionals in the industry. We wanted to compose a list of individuals and facilities that do amazing work helping people with disabilities reach their full potential and continue to succeed. In hopes that it could be used as a resource for others in the disabled community.