Carly is a world champion handcyclist, a spinal cord injury advocate, an awesome mother of two, and a longtime Knoxville resident. In late 2021 Carly needed a set of portable hand controls so she could continue driving while her care was being serviced . LWP was able to purchase Carly a set of portable hand controls thanks to a donation from Fred Anderson Toyota in Charleston, South Carolina.


Meris White is a darling little girl with unbelievable parents Brandon, and Quinn. Both Meris's Mom and Dad are both teachers in the Knox County school system in Knoxville Tennessee.  When Meris was diagnosed with a rare disease called Alexanders disease Meris and her family reached out to the community to raise for medical expenses that were already beginning to occur. They are calling there effort Moving with Meris. Again because of the generosity of the Dent Man of Colorado Lift with Purpose was able to make a donation of $750 to Meris and her family. Meris all of us at Lift with Purpose support you and your family and we know God has something special planned for you.



Demetri Whitt or "Meech" as I call affectionately call him was our second Lift With Purpose recipient. He is thirteen. Meech lives in the Knoxville, Tennessee with his dad Stevie and his mom Cynthia. Demetri suffers from Cerebral Palsy. It is some of the most severe I have seen. However Demetri has an unbreakable spirit. This spirit drives him to work hard in therapy both at home and with his therapist. Like most thirteen year olds Demetri is growing quickly, and this has slowed his progress in therapy. As a result the Whitts were looking for something more extreme and they decided on stem cell surgery. That’s where Lift With Purpose came in. We held a powerlifting meet at the Westside YMCA in Knoxville to help raise money for Meech. Thanks to the generosity of those that participated we were able to pay for a portion of that surgery. Thank you again to all who participated at the event as well as those who just made donations. You made this happpen.


Micheal injured his spinal cord 7 years ago. Since that time he has done nothing but thrive. He is now a well known DJ around Miami, In November of 2020 LWP was able to provide Micheal a gently used handcycle. Michael your zeal for life is one of a kind!


James lives with his family in Shelbyville, Tennessee.  James served in the army before he was involved in a motorcycle accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury. Since his accident, James has remained active participating in adaptive sports like sled hockey. James needed an all-court wheelchair that would allow him to play wheelchair basketball and further his athletic endeavors.  Doug Hill a previous client of Lift with Purpose donated a court chair to the organization that we were then able to give to James at no cost. James, we hope the chair brings you hours of enjoyment.



Sara Perez is a mature hardworking thirteen year old girl. Just before Sarah's tenth birthday she was paralyzed in a car accident. She suffered a C-4 to T-9 spinal cord injury. Doctors initially told her she would not have any movement from the neck down. Since then Sarah has been attending Project Walk Atlanta working to prove the doctors wrong and she has. Sarah has regained movement in her upper body and is still working every week at Project Walk in hopes of walking again. Lift With Purpose held a bench press competition in Lenoir City, Tennessee on May 2nd 2015 to raise money for Sarah and we were able to raise more the six hundred dollars to help her in continuing to attend Project Walk. Thank you to all who came out and supported Sarah and Lift With Purpose because of you the event was a great success.


Kelly is a young woman who lives in Colombia, South America. In under developed countries such as Colombia it is much more difficult to obtain proper medical equipment then here in the United States.

In September of 2019 LWP was able to purchase Kelly a wheel that was built specifically for her needs.

Kelly we hope your new chair increases your independence for years to come.


Doug lived in Kentucky he is a veteran, husband, father, pastor adaptive athlete, and friend who happens to be a double amputee.  Lift with Purpose built Douglas an all-terrain wheelchair just to make his life a little easier when chasing the kids around the yard. At Lift with Purpose, we are honored to assist those who have served this great nation any way we can.



Lift with Purpose had the privilege of building a wheelchair for Brittany. Brittany is a creative, king sarcastic, funny and very giving young woman who lives in Auburn Washington. Brittany wheelchair was not meeting her needs. So we built her her "purple dream chair" as she referred to it. However in the true spirit of giving, and having a true servants heart an organization in Brittany's community needed the chair more, and she donated the wheelchair to them. Brittany the way you show love is completely indescribable. All of us at Lift with Purpose truly appreciate you.


Nathan is a resident of St. Louis, Missouri, and a huge Cardinals and Blues fan. Nathan is also a traumatic brain injury survivor. For years Nathan has been a receiving rehabilitation from the trainers at the Disabled Athletes Sports Association in St. Charles.

LWP was able to give Nathan a $500 grant toward the cost of his rehabilitation. Nathan we love your relentless work ethic.


Jake is a Colorado resident who suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of a motorcycle accident. Since the accident, Jake and his wife Hiedi have been working tirelessly to get Jake any sort of recovery possible.  This search led them to Project Walk Denver, and active recovery center specializing in assisting patients with spinal cord injuries.  Thanks to the incredible efforts and the generous hearts of the great people at the Dent Man of Colorado Lift with Purpose was able to surprise Jake and Heidi with a check for $3000 to help cover the cost of Jakes rehabilitation at Project Walk. Jake, we wish you all the best and once again thank you to The Dent Man of Colorado for making this possible.  This was truly unbelievable.


Mia is an amazing young lady with Cerebral Palsy who lives in Texas with her family. She has two brothers and an amazing mother, Heather. Mia and her family do a series of fundraisers every year to help Mia get the physical therapy she needs at Now I Can, an intensive rehabilitation center in Provo, Utah. These fundraisers range from a lemonade stand in the spring, and a Christmas wrapping fundraiser around the holidays.  As a result of all these efforts, Lift with Purpose decided to assist Mia and her family by paying for a week of physical therapy while at Now I Can and assisting with lodging as well. Mia, Heather and the boys, all of us at Lift with Purpose admire your resilience and determination.


Amber Jones is an attorney and long time resident of Nashville, Tennessee. In August of 2016 as a result of an unfortunate event Amber found herself a paraplegic. She was sent home from rehab lacking the tools needed to be an tackle life as a wheelchair user. Lift With Purpose heard her story we knew we needed to help. We built a pink and black wheelchair for Amber. She has affectionately named her chair Lucinda. We also made her ramp much safer, and will soon be installing hand controls in her car. Our goal was to give Amber everything to be an independent wheelchair user. We wish her all the best.

Kailyn and Charis


Two of the most incredible girls I have ever seen! Kailyn and Charis Whaley are ages five and seven. They both have Mitochondrial Disease. As a result they are physically and cognitively delayed and have weak immune systems. Consequently even traveling to therapy is an issue. Lift With Purpose heard there story in May 2015 and had to assist. Lift With Purpose partnered with the Make a Wish foundation to build the Whaley's a therapy room at there home. This way the girls could get the therapy they needed without possibly becoming ill. Make a Wish was able to build the therapy room and provided some therapy equipment. They did an amazing job. Lift With Purpose then held a powerlifting meet and world record attempt in Knoxville Tennessee to benefit the Whaley sisters. Through this effort we were able to raise $1125 for the Whaley sisters to purchase more therapy equipment for there therapy room. Thank you so much to everyone who helped in this effort.



Easton is a delightful three year old boy who has a smile that lights up a room. Easton also has Cerebral Palsy and goes to physical therapy in order to become more independent. However his families insurance only provides so many visits a year. When these visits are depletes they are faced with the burden of paying for them out of pocket which is quite the challenge. This made Easton the perfect first candidate for Lift With Purpose. Lift With Purpose held a powerlifting meet in August at the Mecca in Murfreesboro to raise money for Easton and raised $953.00 As a result he was up to return to Now I Can physical Therapy in Provo, Utah. While at Now I Can Easton received around thirty-five hours of physical therapy in approximately a two week period.