Grant Application


At Lift with Purpose what drives us is being able to assist and encourage our clients to become more independent and regain mobility through physical therapy or personal training. As an organization, we are well aware that there are literally multitudes of people and families affected by disability, and many of those individuals are already undergoing or seeking treatment and the monthly expense to start or continue those treatments can place a strain on a families monthly budget. We at Lift with Purpose also know that most families who are faced with this financial challenge always find a way to persevere and meet the financial demand even it means going without. WE COMMEND YOU AND YOUR SACRIFICE.


In an effort to both encourage people in the disability community to get start undergoing physical therapy or personal training or to provide a small token of relief to those who are already in there recovery journey Lift with Purpose has implemented a $500.00 grant program.  Grant recipients will be chosen based on completed application, and availability of funds. All grants will be paid directly to the rehabilitation service provider.  We are excited to assist as many people as possible start or continue regaining their independence.

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