How It All Started


I'm Alexander Nicely, founder of Lift with Purpose I am a man of faith, certified personal trainer,  physical therapy student, and fitness enthusiast. I also have Cerebral Palsy. Having CP has allowed me the privilege to see firsthand the positive effects of fitness and physical therapy and how these things have made a difference in my life. These experiences ignited a fire to help others.  Simply put every disabled person should have the chance to be as independent as possible if they choose to, despite economic status.


The mission of Lift with Purpose is to help others with disabilities become more independent through physical therapy and or active recovery and training.  We know consistent physical therapy or personal training led by qualified and dedicated professionals, can change a disabled person life for the better.


 At Lift with Purpose, we want to assist you in starting or continuing your rehabilitation or recovery journey.  This is done by providing qualified applicants with a onetime $500.00 grants to help pay for physical therapy or personal training they are currently or wish to start receiving.


If you are interested in applying for assistance go to the Apply for Help page and there is a downloadable application. We look forward to being of service.